Anna Westbrook builds teams that solve problems. As the CEO of Isabel & the Runaway Train, she leads a team of 70 individuals inspired to prevent sexual assault. As a leadership & communications consultant, she diagnoses leadership communication problems and creates manageable solutions. If your team needs a heavy dose of inspiration or intervention, she can be the catalyst for improvement. 

Anna has led communities throughout Austin, New England, and the Caribbean. She has published two books and various sets of curriculum. She combines 17 years of teaching experience with her extensive knowledge of wellness management and communications to create unique action plans and offer specific advice.  She graduated Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Connecticut College, toured as a stress management trainer with the Connecticut Afterschool Network, and wrote curriculum for the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at NYU. 

Anna's Philosophy 

On Problem Solving: "People are not overwhelmed by large scale problems.  They are overwhelmed by large scale problems that aren't presented to them with manageable action steps. I create those action steps." 

On Client Independence: "My goal is that my clients stop needing my help as soon as possible. Whenever I engage with a new community, I make deep connections and empower the current team so that all company resources can navigate back to a stable and healthy community.  Most companies can solve their own problems by making a few key communications changes. I provide the clear direction."

On Community Growth: "It's important not to lose sight of what you have in your pursuit of what you do not have. Too many leaders get distracted by the gaps in their resources and that leads to the mismanagement of their current resources, causing general decline. I correct that mistake."  


Anna Westbrook live on KXAN representing the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault.


One call or coffee can make all the difference...  

"Anna, It was such a pleasure to talk to you and get to know you. Thank you for getting our brains jogging.  You definitely made me think about leadership in ways I hadn't even previously considered. I've gotta say, I hit the weekend and my creative projects with more of a pep in my step. I'm super excited to keep it going." - Kayla, Austin, TX

"Anna, It was really great to meet you.  I've been thinking about our conversation since, which speaks to its productivity. I just wanted to thank you again for sharing your stories, your advice, and insightful questions. I really connected to how you work as a leader, which is special for me. Even with the best manager I've had, we had pretty different personalities, so I often have had to take his advice with a grain of salt, choosing what works for me and leaving what doesn't. I got a lot out of our short meeting, and I'm excited to put the plans we talked about into action." - Samantha, Austin TX.