A. Westbrook Enterprises can help you be the pivot point for sustainable cultural change.


Are You the Pivot Point?

Leaders in the startup community are expressing concerns about mental health. As the number one city for startups in the United States (1), Austin leaders need proactive strategies for decreasing mental health costs and increasing productivity.

In a study conducted at the University of California by Dr. Michael Freeman entitled “Are Entrepreneurs ‘Touched with Fire?’”  72% of entrepreneurs reported experiencing mental health problems themselves or in their immediate family (2).

HealthCare Recruiters International states that, “when employers neglect mental health, they often end up paying more” (3). As Texas ranks very low on the national list in mental health spending per capita (4), the responsibility of developing mental health best practices falls on individuals and independent organizations.

Are you ready to be the pivot point for sustainable cultural change?

A. Westbrook Enterprises can help. Fill out the “Pivot Leader Assessment” to the right and we will tell you if you are uniquely suited to help your community change.

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