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TRAIN CRASH themed HAPPY HOUR at Donn's Depot
5:30 PM17:30

TRAIN CRASH themed HAPPY HOUR at Donn's Depot

Hear live music from Anna Westbrook & special guests at this train themed bar!! Enjoy Anna's mix of jazz and pop blends and PARTICIPATE in a live performance of the train-crash themed song "Crumble" from Isabel & the Runaway Train (hint: there will be children's percussion instruments). There will be great photo opportunities throughout the night (there is an ACTUAL TRAIN CABOOSE inside this bar), a giant Isabel & the Runaway Train coloring page, and of course, the dance floor!


Isabel & the Runaway Train is an original musical packed with action steps for supporting adult victims of childhood sexual abuse. Producer/Composer Anna Westbrook has been using this show to help communities heal since 2012. The project comes to life in Austin in July of 2018. Our crowdfund campaign closes the weekend after this event, so we will be encouraging people to donate to make this show a reality!! See more at annawestbrook.com/isabel. Also, keep in mind that supporting this event and the show itself is a great way to celebrate International Women's Day!!


Anna Westbrook is an Austin-based performer and activist who specializes in blending jazz and pop music for intergenerational audiences. She would love to meet you at Donn's or at her next event at HOPE Farmer's Market in April! See annawestbrook.com/isabel/events for more info.  

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